Britt EcklandFavorite Minx

by puddleglum on October 31, 2009 with 0 comments

britt2britt1britt3Super hot and sexy and stylish…a minx who was doing it ..long before the jennifer anniston’s
paris hilton’s..etc..etc… she married Peter Sellers and starred in quite a few films during her
hey day in late sixties and early seventies….These stills are from The Bobo a Peter Seller’s film that doesn’t quite get the attention it should. Maybe it’s not his best but alot better then most of the crap ..lingering today…..

French PlayboyInspirations

by puddleglum on October 30, 2009 with 0 comments

Tminx loves inspiration, but I have to be honest…American Vogue,
Elle, Cosmo just don’t do it for me….Yes, I know looking at Men’s Magazines doesn’t sound that much better..but I don’t get creeped out looking at French Playboy. It’s got really cool photos and layouts. Yes there are naked women..but usually they are so slim and hairless that they look more like mannequins then playmates made for
“party time”…I don’t know ..look at the covers and you be the judge..