Happy New Year 2014!!! Overview of 2013 as well as other musings!Current Events

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Happy New Year!! I’m so glad to be back posting blogs more consistently.
2013 turned out to be both good and bad ( kind of like a really scary fun roller coaster ride) but ultimately good because I’ve learned soo much. When the t-shirt orders started pouring in, some of the wheels of the tminx wagon starting coming off. A few highlights: I set up my own silk screen press, befriended some of coolest designers I’ve been doing shows with, Scored a couple of accounts I wanted for years, set up a professional show room to host overseas buyers, A t-shirt collaboration with the band Rush Midnight from Brooklyn, got my first requests for Press that were unsolicited and finally, had my first flash sale and learned how make a kick ass multi paged invoice !! In order to deal with the low points I took the fall season off to streamline! Now EVERY part of my process has been re-vamped and am really happy to be coming back to Magic with new Designs for Spring ’14 as well as unveiling a new Project that’s been a long held secret dream! Stay Tuned!

Goals for 2014:
Take care of my husband and son!
Streamlined workflow!!
Continue to Improve on the Treacherous Minx t-shirt line!!!
Stay Positive!!!!
Can’t wait to get started!!!!!

So sad to hear about Kate Barry


So sad to hear about Kate BarryCurrent Events

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Jane Birkin’s daughter Kate committed suicide last week by jumping out of a window.

She was a noted and well liked fashion photographer in France. She publicly battled with

depression and addiction. Very sad.